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HP Papers are scientifically engineered and tested to work seamlessly across all makes and models of printer and copier equipment.
The broad HP Papers range is suitable for just about any office application, giving high quality results every time. And to ensure sustainability,
all HP Papers come from certified wood sources.

A powerful synergy
of printing

HP Papers, HP Inks & Toners and HP Printers are optimised to work together for better print quality, improved runnability, less waste and lower total cost.

We can’t make business documents more interesting, but we can make them look outstanding. HP Papers, sold in over 80 countries, offers a complete range of home and office papers for every printing application.

Whether you are looking for high-volume, standard black & white document printing or premium quality papers for colourful, professional presentations and communication, HP Papers delivers.

Our current products stand at the edge of innovation to meet the needs for clear and sharp communication, efficiency and speed of office workers worldwide. They are optimised for HP’s PageWide Technology and the new A4 and A3 suite laser printers to deliver jam free performance and eliminate waste.
Extend the life of your printers and printerware by using products from HP Papers.

Quality & guarantee

HP Papers are within an interconnected global brand, continually creating technology to reinvent the world, making life better for everyone.

Wide portfolio
HP Papers are scientifically engineered and tested to work seamlessly across all makes and models of printer and copier equipment. There’s an HP Paper for every office application: from the highest-quality presentations, through large and cost-efficient print runs, to small or home office printing needs.

New paper wrapper with tear strip
Quickly and easily open the ream without damaging a single sheet of paper. No more frustration or damaged fingernails trying to open a ream of paper. Two fingers are all it takes, with no accidental tearing of the packaging.

ColorLok® Technology
HP Papers with ColorLok® Technology offer more vivid colours, bolder blacks, crisper text and faster drying.

A joint development by International Paper and HP first introduced in 2006, ColorLok® Technology is the standard for better print quality Paper that’s qualified with the ColorLok logo is able to produce the best possible digital prints.

The ColorLok® standard of performance is for plain-paper output with inkjet and laser printers, as well as common copy machines. As such, ColorLok® papers will provide consistent and reliable printing regardless of which machine is used within an office environment.


All HP Papers sold in Europe are certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) or to the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

In today’s environmentally conscious world, consumers want to know that the paper and wood products they buy come from sustainably managed forests that will remain healthy and able to meet the needs of future generations.

HP Papers answer this demand by having the sustainability of our forest management practices certified by independent third parties. This is done through the FSC® and PEFC certification system. Each HP ream in Europe carries FSC or PEFC certificates.

Giving back

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Europe. It affects one in eight women, with 500,000 cases diagnosed annually and 130,000 deaths every year.

The HP Office Pink Ream campaign continues to fight this disease. In the 2018 campaign, €0.10 from each pack of this specially-designed paper will be donated to the Think Pink Europe organisation for breast cancer awareness and prevention programmes.

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