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Together, against Breast Cancer

HP Pink Ream

For 8 years, HP Papers has been supporting Think Pink Europe in the fight against breast cancer with the HP Pink Ream campaign.

The pink ream is available on HP Office and a lighter alternative HP Everyday paper, which delivers quality, reliability and value as a multifunctional paper for everyday use

For each pink ream sold, Sylvamo donates €0.10 to Think Pink Europe to fund European programs focusing on breast cancer research, awareness and prevention.

80% of the raised money has been distributed by Think Pink Europe to local organizations all over Europe to set up local programs on awareness, breast cancer communication, to help patients during and after their treatment. An important task remains to keep on focusing on screening mammography. 20% of the money has been used by Think Pink Europe to tackle the health care gap between Eastern and Western Europe.

Since 2017, we have donated 661.171 Euros to Think Pink Europe. Thank you for your active contribution!

Together, with Think Pink Europe

"Thanks to the initiative of the Pink Ream, we are able to communicate to thousands of people across Europe. The awareness enters the offices in all these countries and help us to build awareness already by seeing the pink ream"
Jurgen Vanpraet

Managing Director Think Pink Europe
"As a breast cancer survivor I realize every day how precious a good health is. There can never be too much attention to this subject. Thanks HP for all those years of supporting this work"
Brigitte Gypen

Breast cancer survivor,
activist in Tenerife, Spain

Do You want to know more about Think Pink activities and HP Papers impact in 2023?

Breast cancer, the most common cancer in women in Europe

In Europe, there are 500,000 new diagnoses of breast cancer and 125,000 people who die from it every year.
Think Pink Europe Data
1 woman on 8 is affected by breast cancer
Think Pink Europe Data
You can reduce breast cancer risk by 30 to 40% by focusing on modifiable risk factors: physical actvity, food and drinking habits, weight.
Think Pink Europe Data

Write the next pink chapter with HP Papers.

The fight is not over and we still need your support.