Breast cancer in Europe

breast cancer deaths
every year

Breast cancer is the most common cause
of cancer death for women
over the age of 35 in Europe.

HP Office Pink Ream 2018

Paper with impact

International Paper’s HP Office ‘Pink Ream’ continues to fight breast cancer in 2018. The Pink Ream campaign was launched in Europe in 2017 with distinctive, specially designed packaging for reams of HP Office paper. For each Pink Ream sold International Paper donated €0.10 to European programmes focusing on breast cancer research, awareness and prevention. A total of €198,000 was contributed. And in March 2018 the campaign was selected as ‘Initiative of the Year’ in the 17th European Office Products Awards (EOPA) competition.

Think Pink Europe, International Paper’s partner in the 2018 campaign, unites over a dozen national breast cancer organisations, with the list still growing. All across Europe, local breast cancer organisations, hospitals, support groups and governmental organisations are aiming for the same objective: funding research and raising awareness to tackle breast cancer.

Mission statement

Promoting cooperation between breast cancer organisations in Europe through joint activities and strengthening communication. Raising awareness about breast cancer with authorities, companies, associations and the public at large. Raising funds for scientific research, events and communication about breast cancer.

This is being achieved by:

  • Organising a common communication and implementation platform for Race for the Cure®, the world’s largest sports event in the fight against breast cancer, and similar events in Europe.
  • Exchanging information and knowledge on all aspects related to breast cancer and women’s healthcare in Europe and internationally.
  • Organising events (sports, conferences, fairs, meetings, etc.).
EOPA 2018

HP Office Pink Ream wins the 2018 EOPA Initiative of the Year Award

International Paper’s 2017 Pink Ream campaign was recognised at the European Office Products Awards (EOPA) for supporting the fight against breast cancer. The total amount donated by International Paper, €198 000, was nearly double the planned minimum of €100,000. The funds supported school projects – for example cancer awareness classes for over 2,000 high school students in Italy – and a European innovation award for women’s health.

Real support

The HP Office Pink Ream will be available throughout October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world). International Paper has again committed to a minimum contribution of €100,000. Of the total amount raised, 80% will be donated to local associations and 20% will be invested in Pan-European programmes – all through Think Pink Europe. For example, in 2017 cancer awareness classes were held for over 2,000 high school students in Italy.

€ 0.10 from each pack of HP Office Pink Ream
is donated to help save lives
from Breast Cancer in Europe

HP Office Pink Ream